Thursday, 11 January 2007

Lack of posts - my bad :(

Jeff Just want to say sorry for the lack of good blogs lately, had lots on at work (classic excuss!!) I have got a long list of things i want to blog, just need to get round to it!!

Back to it....

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

We've moved our blog


We decided to take the hit and move our blog from our own hosting server to the blogsport domain. We took the hit as some of the new blogger features (namely the widget framework) can not be used if you host your blog off their servers via ftp. We really wanted to tag all our blogs and create a tag cloud and this was easy with the new blogger features.

We used this post to help us write the cloud so all credit goes to the author - thanks :)

Also thanks to Scott for doing all the boring moving and tagging of our blogs - I was more the project manager!!! (or to put it another way did nothing!!) We did both muck in learning the widget framework though - some cool stuff there :)