Sunday, 22 October 2006

Transparent png's IE6

Wow what a messy job IE6 does with transparent png images!!! I haven't come across this before but after putting this in google I noticed this is a serious flaw in IE6.
I won't go into the exact issues as there is loads of info on the web.
However i thought I would just post some good links I found that helped me overcome this major issue. I warn you now ther is no 'nice' solution to this problem as it is an issue with IE6 outdated graphic rendering engine. However I recommend using Conditional Comments to include a new style sheet for IE 6, as this issue has been fixed in IE7 and this at least this the nasty bit is isolated.

This is how I overcame it
This is similar
I had this issue too and its is a good description of the problem.

UPDATE: This is now the easyist way to fix the transparent png issue. Full Credit goes to Angus Turnbull :)

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