Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Tech Ed - Key Note

Wow what an audience, close to 4500 delegates are here at Tech Ed. The auditorium is huge and our early bird pass got us right to the front :) However, we were a little disappointed because for some reason we were expecting Bill Gates to be speaking the key note … and he was not.

Instead it was Microsoft’s senior vice president … however he was a superb speaker and really got you fired up for the future of Microsoft through Vista and the Office 2007 suites. As we all know, they certainly look the part and judging by the keynote and the demonstrations the integration of Office 2007 products has taken on a new level … looking forward to seeing that in action.

One superb demo within the key note was Language IndepeNant Query (LINQ), whereby the chief architect did a live demo of a web based resource task manager using LINQ against the OS and a DB. Furthermore within the click on a menu item a RSS feed was created!!!! LINQ certainly appears to have created that single layer for all data sources we developers have previously dreamed off!!!

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