Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Tech Ed - Unified Process and VSTS

WOW we were so looking forward to seeing Ivar Jacobson, the legend!!!!
However, the seminar was just way too sureal.
Ivar has down a total U turn ... moving from his strict methodology to now almost anything goes!!!! What was very clear is Ivar's goal is simply to help people produce good software and the means to getting there is fairly flexible. He admits that Agile has the correct emphasis on people rather than process and that the language is correct.

He also told us that he knows most developers just don't read books - they just buy them :)

His consultancy firm have developed a framework called the Unified Process model that allows you to use different processes from different methodologies to get the job done. There seems to an interesting "game" you play in this model with activities!! Explanations of the different processes are displayed on small cards with further reading available. It was not totally clear how to start on this or how exactly this model works but I'm sure Ivar will be writing a book on it :) More info at

The whole integration with VSTS was the most confusing demo and piece of software we have ever seen. We really have no idea how to use it or how it works!!!!

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